1.  Objectives and Background

Braincipher is committed to providing the best service in a timely manner. We aim to accommodate your needs.

This cancellation policy is used as a way of respecting the time commitment of all involved. It explains the process for requesting a cancellation and the fees applicable. This policy is used in fairness to both our business and the clients.

 We are implementing a straightforward cancellation policy to be upfront about all the costs you may face when engaging our services.


  1.  Cancellation Process

We understand situations can arise in which you must cancel your subscription. Due to limited administration hours availability, we request that you request us to cancel your subscription with adequate notice. This allows us to action your request to cancel the subscription in a timely manner.

You may cancel by contacting us by: 

email - [email protected]

We require a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellation. Please inform us by 7 days prior to your next scheduled payment date to notify us of cancellations.

 If no prior notice or the notice given is not provided within the minimum notice period to the above-mentioned email address ([email protected]), you will be charged the automatic subscription charge for the next month. In this scenario, your cancellation will be scheduled prior to the payment of the following month.


  1.  Refund policy

If the notice of cancellation is given 7 days before the next scheduled payment date, Braincipher will refund any fee that was received in Australian Dollars to renew the subscription for the coming month.


  1.  Questions

 Our business firmly believes that a good client and business relationship is based upon mutual understanding. Questions about our cancellation policy should be directed to [email protected]


  1.  Agreement

By reading this Cancellation Policy and agreeing to Braincipher Terms and Conditions, you are confirming that you understood and consented to this Cancellation Policy and Braincipher Terms and Conditions.